Bitrix24. Leads.

Select the line “Leads”.
Click "Show SQL after loading" If you want to see SQL editor. See the details here (2)
Select "Next".
Select user fields in the Bitrix24.
Select the project’s parameters: add / remove columns.
Please note that the Date> Create Date is used by default in the report “Leads”.
It is often necessary to study the Closing Date, for which we recommend using the “Sales” report, since there will be no leads with an empty closing date.
Select the required columns in the “Column Selection and Grouping” tab:
The default appearance of the project:
See the structure in the context of each column (Lead Status, Source, etc.):
- click on the name of the column;
- see the pie chart;
- if there is no pie chart - click on the icon « Pie chart» on the right in the menu «Chart».
- select the context in the column: Quantity, Share by quantity.
You can add your calculated ratios and it will be available on the chart.