Conversion of leads into deals, incl. by custom fields

Good leads in Bitrix24 are leads that go into deals.
Select the report "Leads".
Go to Kanban.
Total count of leads: 99.
Count of Good leads: 16.
To quickly see conversions of leads, turn on the "Conversion" (in previous version -"Bars").
Lead conversion for the entire period is 16%.
Lead conversion in the context of the Source "Website" 16%.
Lead conversion in the context of the Responsible person 3 - 10%.
See convertion in the table.
Add a custom ratio "Good Lead" "Share by Count".
Go to the Ratios Tab
Select the required section in the main menu (Responsible, utm-sources or any other user field).
Remove unnecessary columns from the menu "...".
See the table:
These data are calculated for the entire period.
To change the period, change it in the Main menu, as indicated here.
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More about custom ratios  here.