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Application Analytics Bitrix24 based on the NeoNeuro Pivot Table program is a comprehensive solution companies whose needs go beyond the standard bitrix24 data reports.



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Bitrix24 deep analytics Nemind PivotTable (PivotTable) analysis of hundreds of fields, including user's fields: 

- on dozens of parameters: count, amount, trend, average, share, maximum, minimum.

- in any cuts: by responsible, periods, status, utm-sources, types of tasks or activities, user fields, in other sections;

- with charts and tables; comparison chart overlay schedule pie chart bar chart.

 Unique capabilities applications are provided by the ease of graphing in one click, there are all the necessary tools to create reports of analysis of deals, leads, calls, tasks and other important aspects of the business.

Create your own reports due to different settings, taking into account the peculiarities of the tasks of your business. Leads, deals, activities, tasks, calls.аналтика для CRM Битрикс24

Build diagrams in one click on hundreds of dependencies! Charts, pie charts, histograms Automatic chart captions. Customize charts in one click: Number, Amount, Average, Share by amount and amount.

Create new metrics yourself. Tips to charts will show additional information: the amount, the number and trends on them. Neoneuro Pivot Table is an ideal solution for analyzing sales dynamics, calls or other indicators due to convenient work with periods of comparison.


Use the wide capabilities of the system to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing.

Analyze the funnel of leads not only before the transition to the deals, but also up to the stage of successful completion of the deal, which allows you to evaluate the conversion of sources or any other parameters of the leads. (Leads + deal report)


Using the Bars functional, you can instantly receive data on the conversion of Deals in general and in the context of each parameters: Responsible people, utm-source and other user fields.

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Using the “Fast Pivot Table” and “Cross table” tabs, you can get aggregated information for each Responsible in the context of any parameters: for all funnels or for any specific: for Successful deals or for reasons of closing Failed deals, for any user field in one table and in any type of chart. Columns can be added, deleted, interchanged. The table can be easily copied to EXCEL and WORD.

2020 01 10 13 14 16


Analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns for their conversion into a sale or in a certain status.

Build complex reports - converting leads to deals, deals to sales, leads to sales and to the amount of sales for any section, from Responsible or Source to UTM-parameters and custom fields. Study the dynamics of change in conversion.

View daily projects and tasks. How many and which tasks are actual and which are overdue in implementation. Study the schedules of current, completed and overdue tasks: both for the entire company and in the context of employees or departments.



 Analysis by unique numbers in the context of Responsible person allows you to see the dynamics of the duration of calls up to a second, in the context of employees, in any other section as desired. Analysis calls in context calls durations or Directions.

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Thanks to the ease of setup, NeoNeuro makes it easy to update data from your CPM system and analyze different reports in one window, thanks to the tabs-reports system, the program allows you to have everything in sight.вкладки отчетов

Save your customized reports, and use it in the future if necessary, without wasting time re-setting import and analysis data

We have created a powerful tool that you can use to accept any challenges and tasks in decision making.



With SQL queries you can create any report form. For example, to combine different Bitrix24 entities in one report (Activities + Deals, Invoices + Contacts), and then analyze them in different context: by responsible, utm sources, type of contract or equipment, by user fields, by different dates: date of conclusion of the contract, supply of equipment, for any or all funnels.

Save your time on daily work - collecting information in one report. Once create a *.ntp template in the Nemind Pivot Table and then use the ready-made reports every day.

Use the comprehensive analytics system of NeoNeuro Pivot Table the key to understanding your business.

Remember : professional management decisions are made only on the basis of a professional audit of the state of the company which requires professional tools.


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