NeoNeuro company mission

To create an artificial mind


A mushy mission statement is an indication that a company doesn´t know where it´s going.

Jack Trout

We know exactly what we want. We realize what challenges are in store for us, and we believe we can achieve our goal.

The mission of NeoNeuro LLC is as simple as it is difficult to complete. We aren't afraid of difficult tasks; on the contrary, we try to solve the most extraordinary tasks. It used to be common knowledge that a machine would never make arithmetic calculations, beat a human chess player, drive a car, build a house, conduct surgery, write music or poetry, develop on its own, and even love. Any line that separates the possibilities of a machine from those of a human isn't an unassailable fortress for us. Instead, it's a challenge that makes the task even more interesting. Moreover, the complexity of our tasks compels us to conduct thorough research and make incredible discoveries in well-known yet barely explored fields, such as thinking, music, development and even love.

What is an artificial mind? Artificial means "created by human beings." A mind is an extremely complicated phenomenon for which there is still no universally accepted definition. In our view, a mind is a capability to learn from experience, analyze the situation and make effective decisions. Our goal is a mind that's a match for the mind of a human. In our approach to this challenge, we analyze how humans and animals think. We build mathematical models of thinking and develop applications that help people automate tasks they would otherwise have to perform. When you purchase NeoNeuro products, you not only participate in the development of future technologies but also create a future in which robots will perform routine operations and humans will solve creative problems with the help of technologies comparable to those of human capability.

Nietzsche wrote that the human species wasn't the final development; that man was something that should be surpassed by a new form. Who knows whether this form might be an artificial mind? In this case, the mission to create an artificial mind is the mission of humankind.