NeoNeuro company mission

Create an artificial mind


A mushy mission statement is an indication that a company doesn´t know where it´s going.

Jack Trout

We exactly know what we want, we expect what problems are waiting for us, we believe that aim is achievable.

The mission of NeoNeuro LLC is as simple as difficult its implementation. We do not fear to face difficult tasks, on the contrary we try to solve the most incredible tasks. 

In former times it was obvious, that a machine would never calculate arithmetic tasks, beat a human in chess, drive a car, build houses, conduct surgeries, write music or poetry, love and develop on its own. Any limit which separates possibilities of machine and human for us is not a unassailable fortress but challenge, which makes the task to be even more interesting. Moreover the complexity of our tasks force us to implement deep research and make incredible inventions in well-known but so scantily explored fields like thinking, music, development and even love.

What is an artificial mind? Artificial means 'created by a human'. Mind is a very complicated phenomenon, to which a human still has not given a certain definition. We think that mind is  an ability to learn upon experience, analyze situation and take effective decisions.