Setting up work with the CRM Bitrix24 system

STEP 1. To analyze the data, install the Analytics Bitrix24 application connector in your Bitrix24 account. To do this, type in the search box in the Applications section "Nemind Analytics"
STEP 2. Open the application page and click install:
STEP 3. Download and install the Pivot Table application for MS Windows on the link Download .
STEP 4. Launch the application and select File> Online Connection to Bitrix24 i по n the menu:
STEP 5. Enter the address of your account in the Bitrix24 system:
and click Log in. STEP 6. For the first time, the program will ask to make authorization under your account on the Bitrix24 portal:
STEP 7.  In the window that opens, select the report you need to analyze:
STEP 8. Next window will show SQL. Select Next.
STEP 9. The program will download the data and bring up the initial settings window.
Please note that the Date and Sum fields can be configured in the opened window.
STEP 9. Click OK and get data analysis for all parameters.