Download NeoNeuro Live Pixels - Evolution



The program shows a field with “pixels” and the description of each algorithm. Simple and easy to use editor allows you to create new designs and analyze their work and save to a file that can be put online for public access.

Left panel

Allows you to select a scene for each of the three algorithms:

  • Live Pixels
  • Evolution
  • Game of Life

Central panel

Here is the field of cellular algorithms.  Move can be made by mouse click. "Cell Type" in the right pane allows you to change the functionality of mouse click. The description of a particular algorithm is at the bottom.

Right panel

Move: makes one move. It is equivalent to clicking the mouse when the “Cell Type” is “Move”.

Back:  takes one move back.

First: returns the field to the starting position.

Clear:  clears the field.

Run!:  automatically changes the scene. Button becomes "Faster" after click.

Stop:  stops automatic scene changing.

Cell type: choose the functional of mouse click on the matrix. Moving the mouse while holding down the left button on a matrix allows you to "draw" the desired pattern more quickly.

At the bottom of right-hand column are situated the matrix core configuration options.

The program interface is implemented in English, Russian and German languages, users have the ability to add new translations.