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  • The "Plans" tab. Creation of planned ratios

The "Plans" tab. Creation of planned ratios

The Plans tab can be used to compare a specific list of values ​​with the aggregated values ​​across the main table. These can be sales plans or rates of time spent per employee.
Click on the "Filter" button in the program menu:
Open the "Plans" tab (1). It consists of one table window, where values ​​for plans are entered.
3 - Add - adds a line with the plan value;
4 - Delete - deletes the line with the plan value.
There are plans for 3 columns:
5 - plan for the sum,
6 - plan for count,
7 - a plan for another ratio.
For example: set the targets for the Sum and Count
In the "Total" field, put the sum of the plans for all.
In the "By default" field, set the amount of plans that will be displayed by default for those responsible for which plans have not been entered.
Rename the ratios. Click on the name ratio
We display plans in ratios that will be shown in the table
To display plans in the "Ratios" tab, you must:
1. Go to the "Ratios" tab.
2. Add "New ratio" with the "Add" button and rename it to "Plan by sum" or "Plan by count".
3. Set the values ​​shown in the screenshots below:
In the example, sales plans for employees are added (drop-down menu - 2).
Plan for the "Others" ratio. Here you can set a plan for any other ratio, for example Duration.
For the Duration, set the time value in seconds.
- 2,592,000 seconds in 30 days
- 604800 seconds in 7 days
- 86400 seconds in 1 day, etc.
Enter the data on the plans for the Duration in the column on the right "Other"
Add plans by Duration:
Add the ratios for Plan by Duration
See the plans in the Ratios tab
Ratios for calculating the percentage of plan completion can be found here.