Pivot Table

Pivot table. Automatically. Free.
NeoNeuro innovations turned report creation into pleasure!

Automatic Pivot Table shows trends and charts, reveals leaders and outsiders in all parameters like region, product or in any others in one click! 
Only one mouse click is enough to get trends or pie charts, reveal leaders and outsiders in all parameters like region, product or in any others. Use filters to get answers for complicated questions like “How did milk sales change in New York for the last month with dependence on package type?” Do not bother about data overwhelming – NeoNeuro Pivot Table automatically identifies the most important values and puts the rest into “Others” group. Save you time, use the best – download free NeoNeuro Pivot Table now!
Look how to get report in Excel from sales table with details about each parameter on sheets in one click.


NeoNeuro Pivot Table shows detailed analysis and creates comprehensive sales report from Excel and csv files.

Your advantages with NeoNeuro Pivot Table

  • Time and Money conception
  • Intuitive analytics in one click due to innovative user interface “Full Pivot Table”
  • Getting important rates (sums, trends, averages, etc.) next to name of each cell makes analysis incredibly convenient and illustrative.
  • Automatic search of rises and falls all parameters for comparing periods shows strengths and weaknesses of your business.
  • “Others” cell (by default it consists of cells with <2.5% of full sum or quantity) allows focusing on the most valuable items and prevents charts and reports from littering.
  • Creating pivot table for any column with all rates occurs only in one click due to innovation “Fast Pivot Table”.
  • Customizable report in Excel provides complete financial report automatically. Every parameter analyzed on a particular sheet with charts and pivot tables about all cells and rates.
  • Connection to ADO compatible Databases: MS SQL, Access, Oracle, etc.
  • Free up to 100 rows  

Review by excelworld.net

Do you want fast financial statistics? The NeoNeuro pivot table will help you to create a well-organised and structured report. With pivot tables you will have easy access to pie charts and different trends with one click of the mouse. Thanks to these helpful tables, you can say goodbye to overwhelming data and say hello to important information, values and saved time. 
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