• Introduction
Nemind is a convenient report builder focused on Bitrix24 and amoCRM data analysis.
Find out which actions are profitable and which ones are losing
Explore conversions by manager, source, region, product, call, and custom fields. Reduce costs for unprofitable directions and develop profitable ones.
Visualize business dynamics
Charts with ratios help you see trends with one mouse movement. Just one click is required to create a sales schedule for Moscow or charts by source. Try it, you will like it!
Dozens of templates and hundreds of ratios for Bitrix24 and amoCRM are already configured!
Change sections, select filters, tables and diagrams - with the mouse, without programming. Add any ratios yourself or with the help of specialists, for example "conversion to measurement from target leads", where the concept of "measurement" and "target lead" is determined by the data of your business.
When working with Nemind, we recommend that you read "How to begin / Recommended!" chapter.